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Scuffs....new shoes; mainly referring to Tennis shoes, but Any Casual type shoe (NOT Dressy shoes) can also be referred to as SCUFFS.
"Hey Dude! Nice Scuffs! Where'd you get them?" Scuffs Tennis shoes Sandals Any Casual shoe that can be worn with Jeans or Shorts
by 1 Kool Nana June 03, 2010
When you go in to work for the OPENING shift; having a select amount if time to preform the neccessary tasks required to open for business & be able to serve the customers... only to find that when you arrive for work, the Person or Persons who CLOSED the business the previous night did Not complete their tasks; therefore leaving the Person in the Opening position having to scramble to do Both the Closing AND the opening duties in the same selected amount of time as it would normally take to do just the Opening duties. (This term could refer to Any form of business but is Primarily used to refer to a Restaurant)
Open Close Time frame Scramble Restaurant Hustle "it was a rough morning; Stacy didn't finish her work last night so I had to Clopen"......"I'll have to really hustle this morning. The Tables are filthy and I still have to make the gravy. If I knew I was going to have to Clopen, I would have come to work earlier this morning"
by 1 Kool Nana June 04, 2010

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