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A high school in new jersey. Where sterotyping is in full force, and everyone has a jock mentality. Despite the fact that everyone acts tough, 99.5% of students can fight, and fights just about never happen. Beware of this school if you are slightly different from the mold of an all american red neck rich kid. Everyone complain about nothing, being that all the kids are rich beyond belief. Football players and other jocks are favored over everyone else. The school consists of jocks, stoners and red neck, and a small group of people who do not fit that catagory. 90% of the students have no future whatsoever and assume that they can do all the drugs and partying they want, and still be fine. Very few of the students have any problems or face legitament hardships, despite what they might say. Unless you are a spoiled rich kid, red neck white trash, stoner, junkie or a jock, you will not enjoy Cherokee, and you should move to a city, or a better sub urb.
"After the football game, the team fromCherokee High School got really high and went around harassing kids they deemed were losers"
by 1% of Marlton October 03, 2009
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