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1. Common term for students enrolled in specialty programs usually dealing with math, science, and computer science.

2. Attractive (not THAT kind of attractive) or repellent substance.
1. Look at that backpack! It's HUGE! He must be a magnet.

2. Put the magnet on the fridge, yo.
by 07 represent! November 29, 2004
Breakout song for the White Stripes, giving them the recognition they deserve. One of its main selling points is the amazing music video consisting only of Legos.
Man, that FILWAG video is awesome!
by 07 represent! November 29, 2004
1. A huge computer program, one that can bring a computer to its knees - even if Inventor is the only program on it. Inventor lets the user draw anything they want to and is the bane of magnet students everywhere.

2. One who invents.
1. I had finished my whole drawing and then Inventor FROZE!!11!!1

2. Hamburger earmuffs! I am the greatest inventor ever!
by 07 represent! December 01, 2004

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