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Buffalax's "translation" of the Tamil word "Golimar". A mondegreen.
"Girly man! Girly ma-a-a-aaaaaan! Gosh my old calculator ain't got no bow!" (Indian Thriller)
by .NetRolller 3D November 11, 2008
In overclocking, a RAM module that runs with latencies below manufacturer limits.
DDR2-1200@4-4-4-12? Dude, that's real tight, I wonder how much volts you put into it!
by .NetRolller 3D March 25, 2008
The logical plural of booze. Used when you drink so much booze that it has to be pluralized.
She nearly passed out after drinking huge gallons of beeze.
by .NetRolller 3D March 12, 2010

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