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A taker is any individual that is part of the 47% of Americans who pay zero federal income taxes...and then votes over and over for the party that is most likely to increase taxes (ie. take even more earned property) on the 53% who DO pay federal income taxes. These folks also do not have a hint of appreciation, or guilt in their hearts, rather they call you selfish if you don't agree to pay more, and give it to them. Of course this is all due to the King Enabler of Bad Behavior, the Federal Government...the gvmt is close to achieving their goal (48.5% of all Americans now receive some kind of federal assistance), to have as many people rely on the government as possible. This same entity is the primary reason for the suffering that is happening, all other blame is marginal, and is not the source...in fact, sometimes one may think the it's intentional.
Yeah, I know, sucks Billy is a real Moocher ("Taker"), it's sad...not sure if he realizes that his behavior is rather embarrassing and certainly not a tenant of any anything moral. Maybe some day he will contribute something to society, instead of being a net negative overall to society as he will most definitely take more money than he will ever contribute, all the while he continues blaming others for his bad behavior and his position in life.
Your right, what a selfish, lazy person, can we please not hang out w/ someone like that....I can no longer enable his bad behavior....his mindset is now destroying our country.
by ....what's fair to you? October 09, 2011

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