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Habbo Hotel, virtual game where you can buy virtual furniture and make virtual friends. Pretty addictive when you start to play that game and make friends and everything.
You actually need REAL money to buy credits/coins, or however you say that from that country you're from. And then you can buy virtual furniture to make a virtual room. You can also buy "Habbo Club", the concept of that is to have 2 extra rooms, when you make a room, extra clothes and a rare each month. And then you can trade, some furni Furniture for some other furni.
You can never get hacked on that website, you can only be keylogged The person that keyloggs you cant track what you're saying so they can get your password or scammed "Give me your password for 100 credits!" That is so old, who will fell for that now?.
And finally, you can make friends and even date. But then, you get so addicted to that game, that you forget about your life and end up lifeless Like me and you spend your time on it.
So if you go on Habbo HotelIt could be HabboHotel.ca, HabboHotel.com, Habbohotel.co.uk, HabboHotel.fr, etc, it's worldwide be careful, you can become an addict :]
I'm from .ca.
by -maryse;<3 January 21, 2006

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