11 definitions by -CyberPunk-

A slang word for male ejaculate. Sauce that comes frome the pen0r. See cum, sperm or jizz
Mmmm. Thats some mighty tasty pen0r sauce.
by -CyberPunk- February 06, 2005
A super awesome alloy. Much like titanium.
Oh my god! Its made from gundanium.
by -CyberPunk- February 07, 2005
A game console released by Microsoft. A negative way of describing xbox
Ah shit, the analsexbox is broken.
There are no good games for the analsexbox!
by -CyberPunk- February 06, 2005
A cyberPunk is someone who totally kicks ass at the internet. A person that is a normal person in reality, but online they live by their own rules none.
A cyber Punk, is an internet badass, is a net hooligan. me. Viva Les Newgrounds.
by -CyberPunk- February 06, 2005
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