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A supremely fucked up town. they rely on crystal meth to do daily tasks. Home of the super gay rockband Nickelback who constantly are sucking dick to survive cause their music sucks my balls. All Hanna sports teams are terrible in comparison to drumheller sports teams. these sports include Hockey, Basketball, Soccer, Football, Curling, Bocce Ball pretty much everything they are so fuckin gay. Hanna girls are known for their sasquatch type bushes. in a recent survey Hanna men were ranked lowest on the penis scale with the average size being 1 inch. Hanna has the highest rate of herpes in western canada. When the settlers came acrosss the land now known as hanna they were so bored that they decided to fuck the buffalos in the ass repeatedly to help tender the meat. That is where the annual tradition of Fuckin The Buffalo in Hanna comes from. Has the incredible ability to be hated by all 4 corners of the world. Their women derive from dogs. You can tell these women from other women because they have balls that drag on the ground and have a heightened sense of smell and taste. They aslo stink like shit as well. Hanna is full of a bunch of fuckin scumbags and whores. they all are dirty fucks livin on a waste of fuckin land nothing good will ever come out of hanna ever someone should just do the world a favour and Nuke it. Fagets
Matt - Wanna Go To Hanna Tonight?

Karl - Not a fucking chance, I'd rather stick my dick in a meat grinder.
by -AMN- January 07, 2009

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