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1 definition by skeptic

A genre of copycats.Has many subgenres which are created when one band comes up with some new goth fetish such as pierced cock metal or upsidedown cross rammed up your own butthole metal.Which then is immediately copied by all of the mindless idiots and morons which is how all new subgenres of metal are born.Sometimes they like to add the word "core" to the end in an attempt to make the new subgenre seem more edgy or hard."TheI got 666 tattooed on my cock subgenre of metal is really misunderstood man." Or "oh wow check out my mom fucked a goat and I took a shit on her chest metal,it's really the best existing example of animal porn core.
Today I shit in a dixie cup and invented a new subgenre of metal dude \m/
by skeptic September 17, 2006