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Lasacious: La-sa-cious: Is a combination of three words.

Insatiable: Someone who is always needing more!
Luscious: Hihgly gratifyling. Someone who is voluptuous!
Lascivious: To excite lust!

While I was writing a song, I conjured up the word Lasacious, it just sounded cool, so I decided to use it in my song!

Definition for Lasacious: Someone who is extremely sexy and has an uncontrollable desire. A constant craving. An extreme sexual appetite for lust, but yet cannot be satisfied!
Hey baby, you are so Lasacious it's driving me crazy!

Your so hot, you're making me Lasacious!

Every time you're around I get a Lasacious appetite that I just can't satisfy!

Her legs are so Lasacious, I've got to see them again!
by DaVido January 26, 2007
sinsacious SIN-SA-CIOUS; sinsacious is a combination of three words, Sin, Insatiable, and Outrageous.
#1. My baby is totally sinsacious.

#2. I would love to get sinsacious with you!

#3. My baby gives me a sinsacious appetite!

#4 Hey baby, let's get sinsacious All Night Long!
by DaVido January 25, 2007
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