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Started by Sharon Osbourne, Ozzfest is the monster summer tour famous for hosting some of metals finest bands (Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Black Sabbath, Slayer) as well as some of metals shittiest (Wicked Wisdom, Gizmachi, Papa Roach). If you attend Ozzfest you will be exhausted (from moshing and punching the little kids), dehydrated (getting drunk doesnt hydrate you), reeking of weed and likely covered in fluids that didnt come from you. If youre a guy, youre a serious metalhead. If youre a girl, you may be part of the 90% fat-chick crowd. Either way, you probably kick ass on a regular basis.

As of 2007, Ozzfest is absolutely free. You must obtain a code online, which is redeemable on or after June 12th to obtain two tickets to a venue of your choice. The most convenient place to do this is www.ozzfest.com. A code does not guarantee tickets, so you must be quick about getting them when June 12 comes around.

-When Iron Maiden came on the stage at Ozzfest, the guy on ecstasy seated in back of me intentionally threw his beer on me. I then knew I had fully recieved the true Ozzfest experience.

-During Tony Iommi's solo in Paranoid, Ozzy mooned the crowd.

-June 12 is my birthday. Im getting myself two free tickets to Ozzfest for a present.

-Bands are not being paid this year due to the free tour. Didnt stop some decent acts like Lamb of God and Behemoth to hop on.
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