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Something people like me do for reasons not always religious. I'm abstinent because I don't wanna be that girl who got pregnant when she was 15 and now has a McJob.
Abstinence is not always for religious reasons.
by ****^_^**** May 03, 2010
A pretty good play about the '50s. It is about a girl named toffee who falls in love with a bad-ass orphan named jonny. But her parents won't let them be together, so jonny commits suicide, so there's cliched your Romeo and Juliet part. But jonny comes back from the dead because of toffee's love for him, and he's a zombie. So the jackass principal won't let jonny come back to school because he used to be dead. And everyone protests about it and some kid calls some magazine, and the guy who writes the story was the principal's ex-bf, surprise, surprise. I won't ruin the ending, but it's some stupid dramatic scandalous thing with the magazine guy. Aside from the cliches though, it's a good play with cool songs.
Is an example really necessary? It's frickin zombie prom.
by ****^_^**** May 03, 2010
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