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1 definition by *!Dittles!*

Meanin Bitch/Whore .. its what you can call any girl/guy that acts bitchy to you and is a dirty whore. Tho if you want you can call any ol' person you want that if your very mad at them. Plus you can call a person this word and they wont even know what you mean unless they've read this, tho if they haven't you can use this word freely anywhere you want!!!
Me:O-M-G! Gosh I hate you Mireya... Dont talk to me you think your all that ... you such a b.w.
Mireya: Umm ok? Teacher she called me a ummm b.w.!
Teacher:O.ok? I'm sorry umm i must've forgotten. What does that mean again?
Mireya:Oh well umm i dont know.....
by *!Dittles!* January 16, 2006