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Zagnut is a candy bar originating from the 1980s or so. It consists of toasted coconut and peanut butter. It was made by Reese's Company, and to this day it remains to be seen in any place but eBay and local convenience stores. Oh, how I miss it so.
"Hey," said the pregnant woman, "could you go to the E-Z Buy? I've got a sudden urge for a Zagnut."
by (insert alias here) June 18, 2005
A horrible kids' show in which a mildly retarded boy named Shobu is supposed to become a Kaijudo Master. He and his dork friends set off to battle numerous enemies in order to boost his rep. We've seen it all before. The theme song doesn't do much to help either. Picture some guy yelling "SHOBU! dadadadadadada SHOBU!" for at least 5 minutes. That's the theme song.

Besides the idiot characters and the stupid theme song, this show is mainly revolving around trading cards. Yu-Gi-Oh!, anyone? And, I myself have bought a pack of these cards. All they are are anime-tized versions of Magic: The Gathering. And get this; they're manufactured by Wizards of The Coast. Somebody must've slipped there.

Back to the show. The anime also features brilliant(see: shit) humor, such as references to America's pop culture, lame flashback things, and puns. Ha. Ha. I'm laughing my ass off. The monster names are also quite stupid. I don't know about you, but "Five-Starred Ladybug of Doom" sure sounds cooler than "Mongrel Man".

All in all, I'd advise all people, young and old, to stay as far away from this piece of shit as possible
Duel Masters Fanboy: omglololol i got teh new cardz0rz! "Bolshak Dragon" is teh roxx0rz! d00d!

M:TG Fanboy: ...uh.
by (insert alias here) July 13, 2005

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