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1. Females or Males considered as a group, known as gender.

2. For people in a steady relationship, known as making love.

To describe what happened with that slut at a party, known as fucking or shagging.

The act of sexual intercourse between two or more organisms. In humans commonly used for pleasure, with other species used specifically for reproductive purposes.

In humans, a man and a woman (or even same sex e.g. man and man) get together and begin to kiss passionately. Things get more steamy and the man and woman begin to lose clothing, either by the other person or themselves removing it.

The man, who by this point has an erect (hard) penis, and the woman, who by this point has a lubricated (wet) vagina begin to fondle eachothers bodies ('heavy petting') with either their hands, mouths or other objects (e.g. dildo, vibrator) until they both decide they're ready for penetration.

This can be done with the woman or man on top, in various positions.

With the woman on top, the woman stradles herself at the mans crotch with her hands placed onto his stomach and slowly slides his hard penis into her wet vagina. At this point the man can be fondling her breasts as she slowly slides up and down his penis gradually getting faster. This continues until orgasm for both parties is reached, where the male can ejaculate either internally or externally.

With the man on top, the woman spreads her legs (or has the man do it for her) and either holds her legs high up (for deeper penetration) or at her side for the man to slide his penis into her. Eye-contact and closeness are positives of this position. The man then slides in and out of her, again getting faster until orgasm of both parties is reached and the man can ejaculate either internally or externally.

After this act, couples can either cuddle, kiss, and sleep, or quickly rush out of the toilet because someone's knocking.
"When me and Phil make love, it's amazing, I love nothing more than feeling him deep inside me as I bounce up and down on his long, hard cock. Orgasm is unselfish and I love nothing more than having him cum in my mouth as I lick both his and my juices off his cock."
"Wow, that's some good sex."
"I know."


"You know Julie?"
"That hot chick from the party?"
"Yeah, I stuck it in her."
"Woah, lucky guy."

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