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A suburban town in upstate New York, located outside of Schenectady. Generally the income is moderate to upper class, with a reputation for being one of the wealthier towns in the area. A somewhat superficial place, Niskayuna has its own holiday to celebrate itself dubiously titled "Niska-day". Niskayuna is also commonly abbreviated to "Nisky". Much of the demographics consist of old people, and anyone that still has to live at home with their parents until they can leave. Amongst these young people, they are generally homogeneous and average (despite the constant social one-upping they tend to attempt, whether socially or academically). Due to this, one can usually note the unofficial "uniform" of the Niskayuna student. This most often involves Ugg boots, Northface backpacks/jackets, ect. Most interestingly, is the general dislike many of these young people will have for the area (see other posts). Old people are often spotted clogging up the post office between noon and two o'clock on weekdays. The police often like to pretend that they actually work, as well.
1. Your parents work for General Electric?
-You must be from Niskayuna.
by '08 and still great April 27, 2011

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