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The Canadian born South Korean singer currently under Cube Entertainment. She is well known for her great looks and beautiful singing voice. She is fluent in also English and is very popular throughout the world.
Person A: Wow, who is that hot, but equally talented singer in that video?
Person B: That's G.NA of course!
#beauty #singer #kpop #hot #gna #gnaa #korean #black and white #cube
by 지나 화이팅 March 23, 2011
A "blatent copycat" of television classic Takeshi's Castle, later re-dubbed into the monstrously successful and critically acclaimed world-wide hit television show, MXC.

It never lived up to it's potential and certainly was not done as well as the end result was a show that was worse than MXC, a show that was produced in 2003 and filmed in 1986. Even with the newer technology, it is still considered a flop and an inferior show to many viewers.
Person A: Is that MXC?
Person B: No.
Person A: Yeah, it doesn't look as good, although it's in Hi-def
Person B: It's "Wipeout"...
#mxc #takeshi's castle #john anderson #john henson #big balls #2008
by 지나 화이팅 September 10, 2011
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