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actually, he is a real "plumber". apparently, he doesnt hav a license. Name: Joe Wurzelbacher of Lucas County, Ohio
he is mentioned over 20 times during, and after, the 3rd and last presidential debate betweeen Obama and McCain (who will win???^^)
PJ: did u watch d debate last nite?
Me: yeps!
funny huh? Joe the Plumber
PJ: huh?
Me: d dude from ohio dat won BIG last nite!!!
by ╬Angel Fangs╬ October 17, 2008
a completely fictionous software (has nothing to do with javE, the actual software)started when some1 couldnt manage to download java, which was so easy, and is now used as an insult complying d message of "ur too stupid to do ____"
asagf: i gotta go to d tournament, gotta win my 6ft trophy!
me: yea rite! u cant even download jave!
by ╬Angel Fangs╬ November 10, 2008
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