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A caring, loyal guy. He tries to be helpful to all and has a great charisma. He is fierce and protective when it comes to those he loves. He is a kind, intelligent, lovable guy (and at times very romantic and cute) He sometimes feels guilty for things that aren't his fault. With his looks and his smarts, Nathaniel is a force to be reckon with. He isn't aware of his feelings most of the time or is scare to voice it, but give him time he will surely come around to it. At times he is sensitive and shy but that only happens when he is uncomfortable. He is a great, smart, loving, caring person that deserves a whole bucket full of happiness. Whether he wants it or not. He just sometimes needs a push in a direction to get him moving. He is capable of love and relationships. He is a great friend/lover to simply talk to and enjoy hanging out!
Boy 1: Yo did you see who got the highest marks?

Boy 2: I did! It was Nathaniel, man.

Girl: Ohmigod, he's cute and smart! I wonder if he will ever look my way.

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