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1 definition by Ø-dogger

A Street Madz is a certain kind of dude, wearing headphones, drinking, smoking and slapping people with keys. A Street Madz is always a sleep and listen to Akon 24-7. Some Street Madz' gets high and others just use all their money og Coca-Cola. How do you know if you are familiar with a Street Madz? If you yell out Street MAAAAAAAAADZ with a little vinyl scratch at the end and he gets pissed and start rapping akon lyrics you got yourself a street Madz Also just called Streeten. Street Madz can also be danish rappers and white homies
Homie1: Damn man there goes that n***a Street Madz
Homie2: Ay Yo Streeeeeeeeet Maaaaaaaaaaaadz!
Homie1: Street Madz is going to slap you around with his keys.
Homie2: I dont care, St-st-st-s-s-streeeeeeeeet Madz!
by Ø-dogger November 19, 2007