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The word Sus is meant to suggest that somone is believed to be Shady or false. They are hiding something or are believed to have a serious character flaw which makes them undesirible as a friend or acqaintence. It is derived from its root word Suspect. In some areas it is primarily used to describe a nigga that is Bitch-made or one who is not feminine but suspected of homosexuality or other sexual deviances. Most commonly used to denote suspected homosexual tendencies.
Nigga #1 Tell me why Evans Frusion ass was lookin at my Bobbydangler in the bathroom today. It got so bad i had to bang that nigga like "Stop staring at my dick Cuhz."
Nigga #2: I told you that nigga was sus smh...
White guy: (O.o)?
by {ILL} February 03, 2009

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