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Harajuku is a place in Japan where the fashion on the streets is immense.

Harajuku fashion and culture is beginning to become world popular and well known...

Gwen stefani might have a little to do with this as she pays four japanese women to follow her around seeming as though they have no voice almost like her pets, she is a good artist but she's an obnoxious white bicth for treating those girls as objects . The girls are actually very good dancers but from MOST of the video's i have seen the girls just seem to follow her. She has defeated the object of harajuku fashion because she dresses 'her' girls in similar outfits, harajuku fashion is about uniqueness.

Harajuku has a station wich on a sunday is usually populated with outrageously dressed teens with extraordinary style and taste.

Some Japanese boys dressed in a Rock-a-billy style are usually also related to the thought of harajuku, and people dressed as anime characters or characters from old rhyme such as little bo peep, this is cosplay.
The Goths there go to the extreme and wear accessories such as pale contacts and all sorts of accessories.

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"Tatsuo suyama and Tsuyako look so awesome in there cosplay outfits covered in hair clips and accessories!as they walk the streets of harajuku"
by ^^YOko naOKO^^ August 17, 2008

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