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The guy below me obviously knows nothing about great punk music,
but this is actually an amazing song by the most influential punk band in history, Dead Kennedys.
Go listen to it, now.
Its a holiday in cambodia
Its tough, kid, but its life
Its a holiday in cambodia
Dont forget to pack a wife

- Holiday in Cambodia-Dead Kennedys
by \]\]\]\/[/[/[/ October 17, 2009
To laugh out loud on AOL.
Someone typing aoLOL on AOL: Lyke LOL!11!!onE1!11!eleven!
by \]\]\]\/[/[/[/ May 27, 2009
Means above everything.

Also a great song by Dead Kennedys.
California Uber Alles.
by \]\]\]\/[/[/[/ October 17, 2009

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