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The act of Cocooning Multiple people, like an entire family. A Real REAL man can do this easily in one night, but frequent Cocoon only practicers may have difficulty Cocooning an entire family.

This is commonly used as a threat by incapable men or herms.
How to use 'Hive Cocooning':

(Casual insult)Person A: "Hey Austin, I fucked your mother last night."

(Bravo worthy insult!)Person A: "Hey Austin, I Hive Cocooned your Mother, Sisters, Aunts and Grandmothers last night."

Or, as an authentic story:

Person A: "Yeah, I was having an orgy with your Mother, Sisters, Aunts and Grandmothers and my condom broke. I ended up Hive Cocooning all of them..."

Person B: "At least you tried to use a condom.."

Person A: "Expect more relatives on the way.."
by \/olpe May 15, 2010
The act of ejaculating so much onto a woman that she is completely covered in semen. In this sex practice, however, unlike bukkake the female will not clean herself off (She won't be able to if you're a real man, anyways) and will become wrapped in a 'Cocoon' of hardening cum, unable to move, or even breathe.

The male (Or Herm) will do this Solo and will repeat this process onto the cocooned victim as much as possible until the female is not visible.

Suggested to practice against walls, floors, or even ceilings (The last being most difficult. Like standing, the cum will drip downwards thanks to gravity and only a slight portion of her will be covered.)

The act of doing this to multiple persons is called Hive Cocooning
(A conversation about Cocooning)

Person A: "So, did you hook up with Cindy last night?"

Person B: "Hell yeah, man. I was saving up all month to Cocoon her."

Person A: "So?"

Person B: "Living room, left corner, I can't even see her anymore."
by \/olpe May 15, 2010

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