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A Skater Girl is a girl who doesnt give a damn about what others say, she is down to earth, she skate boards, she hangs with the boys (she usually doesnt know that all the boys secretly have a crush on her cuz she is so epically awesome) She Skate Boards, She Shops From Vans, Shes tough, anyone who messes with her, she will kick their A**! She hates being called a tomboy, and she hates Preppies, she will usually have her hair covering one eye, or wear her hair like the scene kids do, or just straight down, She doesnt wear anything tight fitted, and she is not afraid or gasp at swearing, Skater Girls are not afraid of trouble, theyll rant, theyll go on strike, theyll beat ya if ur mean to her, and when they crash the mall and strip the manicans, and beat the guy in the hot dog suit, and theyll just fool around and be bad, WHO CARES!! is basically what they think
Preppy: Eww that Skater Girls is sooo not pink, she is like a girly boy, a tom boy
Skater Girl: What the hell did u just say??
Preppy: nothing DUDE!!
Skater Girl: beats Preppy until she is ugly, even tho she already is
by \/\_ June 14, 2011

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