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Would normally be referred as diarrhea, but is horribly worse. M.M.B. could result in a rectal prolapse and death. This horrid case of explosive shit squirts creates a stench so horrible that can erode iron, cause brain aneurysms, will knock a man unconscious within a 69 mile radius. M.M.B. is normally caused by malnutrition and consuming more than 3 prunes in 2 minutes. There was once a man who had a case ofM.M.B., he did not live to tell his story. While using the bathroom, the blast of his M.M.B rocketed him off the toilet, thrashing his limp body to the solid pavement. The force of the impact broke all of his bones, paralyzed him then killed him instantly. Learn from his experience.
D00d, I think I might have Mississippi Mudd Butt . Its br00ta1, I need to use your shitter.
#m.m.b #diarrhea #hershey squirts #br00ta1 #shit squirts
by [zook] LYMON June 24, 2009
The average bro that mooches off his friends and does nothing than play Halo, CoD, and WoW or likes to play drinking games while online. The rules would be who ever gets a headshot or gets a beatdown will drink a shot. The biggest douche game ever.
Holy Shit brolapse did you see that headshot/beatdown?? One more for me please. And while your at it can you turn up Dave to full blast man? HAHA
#bro #halo #cod #wow #headshot #beatdown #dave matthews band
by [zook] LYMON June 22, 2009
Dave Matthews Band, the biggest Bro group on the face of this planet! Groups like Dave are Incubus and Sublime.
D00d, Me plus my gurl at a Dave concert = Br00ta1!
#dave matthews band #bro #incubus #sublime #asshole #musky taint #grundle.
by [zook] LYMON June 22, 2009
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