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Okay listen up. This sexual act is for any type of person who may have the desires of a total phsyco.

.You will need.

1. 4 Rops about 5 feet long each.

2. A fold out chair

3. A Partner who is willing to do anything.

4. An appetite for shit.

Okay first, you tie your partner's ankles to his/her wrists (Right ankle to right wrist and left ankle to left wrist.)

With the slack of the knot, you tie another knot to the top rest of a chair. You then make sure your partner is hanging slightly off the ground when you sit and put weight on the other side of the chair. Now, you put your legs between the space in the backrest and the seat as if you are sattling a horse. You will hold on to the rope tied to the top of the seat and then proceed to take a shit all over your partners face.

Thank you for your time.

This chick down at the strip joint thinks she can take a muddy monsoon so im going over to her place tonight with all the supplies. She does'nt know what shes in for.
by [willy] OHHHH BEEEE October 21, 2008
Although many may think it is a variation of the dirty sanchez, the dirty lumberjack is far from it.

In this move you will have your mate shave off your pubic hairs and you will hold them in your hand. You will then jerk off onto his/her face, throw on the curlies and wait for it to become dry and sticky like syrup on the table after 2 days.

He/She will then look like they have spent some time in the woods being a lumberjack and would have grown a beard.

Little does anyone know that they got the beard quicker, sexier, and of course..MORE DIRTY.

ALSO CHECK OUT THE Crabby Lumberjack

--quite a twist.
Quick! Fred, give me a dirty lumberjack so the police will not recognize me.
by [willy] OHHHH BEEEE October 21, 2008
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