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The program that practically led the file-sharing movement.

Napster was undoubtedly the greatest peer-to-peer program ever created, allowing millions of net users to download their favorite music at a price substantially smaller than the jacked up prices the RIAA makes us shell over. The price? Free.

Unfortunately, when someone decided to complain that they weren't getting $97 out of the millions they make every week, the RIAA decided to use that as an excuse to terminate Napster, thus forcing the legendary Shawn Fanning to turn the program into what is now the equivalent of O-Town: something we wish just died altogether.

Today there are some commendable file-sharing programs that, while doing their job, cannot match up to what Napster has brought to all of us.
Napster needs an example?
by [str33t NiNj4] December 27, 2003
A small, piece of plastic often triangular or "teardrop" in shape.

Guitar picks come in varying colors and thicknesses (thin, medium, hard, etc.) and can only be bought in packs.

Also an alternative term for "pluck", as in, to "pick" a string.
I just bought a pack of 2,000 picks on eBay.

Pick your 4th string, I think it's out of tune.
by [str33t NiNj4] May 01, 2004
The penultimate article of clothing. Following the lead are jeans.

Hoodies are another name for "hooded sweatshirt." While all hoodies sport stomach pockets, some hoodies are zipped and some aren't. Does it matter? It shouldn't.
"d00d, ph33r t3h NiNj4 h00di3."
by [str33t NiNj4] December 27, 2003
a) the name given to female ninjas
b) what is now rumored to be a kick-butt followup to Shinobi
a) Utada Motoko is the youngest kunoichi to graduate from her school.

b) Sega is to releas a "side-story" to its successful Shinobi series, Kunoichi (dubbed Nightshade in America).
by [str33t NiNj4] January 04, 2004
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