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Zynga-dicted™ (ZIN-guh-DIC-ted), adj., is a de facto trademark of Zynga, Inc. It describes someone who is hooked up on Internet Crack, and totally devoid of a life.

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ZyngAddict™ (ZINg-AD-dict), n., a person who is hooked up on Internet Crack, and totally devoid of a life.

Note the adjective has only one "d".
Oh, man, he doesn't work, bathe, or go outside. He must be Zynga-dicted™.

I'm tired of all the ZyngAddicts™ on Facebook. All they do is SPAM that fucking nonsense all over my nice neat wall. I had to ban all those God Damn ZyngAddicts™.
by [NBK] ThunderDawg September 18, 2010
Terror in Arizona.

On Sarah Palin's infamous target map of Democrat-held congressional districts, she indiscriminately used gunsights and told people to "Take a Stand". Three of those gunsights were in Arizona, more than any other state. And the terror attack of January 8, 2011 that she inspired, took place in Tucson.
Sarah Palin's advertisement in Terrorzona said "Get on Target for Victory in November Help remove Gabrielle Giffords from office Shoot a fully automatic M16 with Jesse Kelly."
by [NBK] ThunderDawg January 10, 2011
To marginalize something so completely as to make it absolutely retarded.
Republicans Retardginalize Taxes down to sound bites and talking points.
by [NBK] ThunderDawg November 21, 2010
A group of hysterical people whose political views are so extreme as to defy logic and reason. They can believe anything, no matter how insane, and they chronically regurgitate ridiculous sound bites because they stopped using their own brains.
When you join the InsaniTea Party, you are helping turn our country into an Idiocracy.
by [NBK] ThunderDawg June 04, 2011
the place where hobos sleep.
I saw some homeless people sleeping in the shruburbs, near the park, last week.
by [NBK] ThunderDawg August 10, 2013
A Podunk City in Palm Beach County, Florida, that is famously known as "The Home of the Newlywed and Nearly Dead", due to low rent crackerbox housing on 15-foot wide properties throughout the downtown area, and lettered and numbered streets. The Podunk Municipal Electric Company has an average of 700 power outages every year. A College Dropout, Inventory Stocking Clerk at Target is a City Commissioner, and
Lake Worth, Florida is as Podunk a town as you get.

Welcome to Lake Worth, please set your watches back Fifty Years.
by [NBK] ThunderDawg December 06, 2010
An American Political Movement that is obsessed with the fact that they have to pay taxes, like every other human who has ever lived on Earth, and hysterical because of it. Their stupidity soars to new levels not yet achieved by the rest of Humanity. And they intend to prove Darwin wrong by breeding faster than anyone with above average intelligence.
The TeaTards may actually succeed in making this an Idiocracy by the end of this century.
by [NBK] ThunderDawg October 13, 2010

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