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Zyngar™, noun, is a de facto trademark of Zynga, Inc.

Zynga is a Web 2.0-based social network game developer that owns browser-based games that work both stand-alone and as application widgets on social networking websites such as Facebook and MySpace. Mafia Wars, Texas Hold'em Poker, Cafe World and Frontierville are among their most popular properties, with tens of millions of players in each one. Zynga has learned that, more often than not, they can get away with stealing from their entire customer base, using Zyngars™.
A classic example of a Zyngar™ is in Mafia Wars. If you have adequate Reward Points while working the Robbing Board (which may require thousands of individual clicks), a random pop up appears, precisely where your mouse cursor is, and automatically spends some of those RPs, which you paid for with cash. you do not even have to click on purchase, a mosueover will spend your money, without so much as a confirmation button, which Zynga refuses to provide.

In Texas Hold'em Poker, the Zyngar™ is that they "sting" you with popups every time you win a hand, and the application freezes, every single time, forcing you to lose the hand and possibly getting bumped off the table. It actually turns out that, winning a hand is the Worst Thing that can happen in Texas Hold'em Poker.
by [NBK] ThunderDawg September 18, 2010
Acronym for War Against Retards Running Our Government, meaning the electorate's revolt against the profound rise in stupidity of politics today.

Get Your WARROG means to abstain from voting in a race where the only choices are a Democrat and a Republican, and you only have a 50/50 chance that the winner will ever represent you. They will only represent one half of their constituency. And even if your candidate wins, the other party won't work with them anyway. So it doesn't fucking matter.
Dude, did you get your WARROG? I skipped both the state and congressional house races, and wrote-in Nathan Explosion for Governor of Florida. So I got my WARROG.
by [NBK] ThunderDawg October 17, 2010
Acronym for Parasitic Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, which describes a game so parasitic, that it sucks the very Life Blood out of you. You practically have to be online 24/7, and it is worse than a job you hate but cannot quit.
Mafia Wars has become a PMMORPG. I can barely break away from it for an hour.
by [NBK] ThunderDawg October 14, 2010
n., 1.) A person who friends a politician on FaceBook or other social networking site, only to heckle them. 2.) An offending post on a politician's FaceBook page or other social networking site which is heckling or otherwise unfriendly to the politician.

v., 1.) To heckle a politican you friended on FaceBook or other social networking site. 2.) To friend a politician for the sole purpose of heckling them. :evilgrin:
I went over to my Congressional Incumbent's FaceBook page to Pol-Troll all over it. He is truly a scumbag.

The City Commissioner didn't like it when I Pol-Trolled his FB page. But I just love being a Pol-Troll too much to stop. ;-P
by [NBK] ThunderDawg September 26, 2010
ZyngAddict™ (ZINg-AD-dict), n., is a de facto trademark of Zynga, Inc. It is a person who is hooked up on Internet Crack, and totally devoid of a life.

See also,

Zynga-dicted™, adj., (ZIN-guh-DIC-ted), describes someone who is hooked up on Internet Crack, and totally devoid of a life.

Note the adjective has only one "d".
I'm tired of that ZyngAddict™ on Facebook. All he does is SPAM that fucking nonsense all over my nice neat wall. I had to ban that God Damn ZyngAddict™.
by [NBK] ThunderDawg September 18, 2010
Cool People, or Hipsters, who belong to an Eponymous Society, where all members have the same name. Hip-eponymous is the next logical step to Googling your own name. You find and friend everyone with your name, and start a group, such as the "Your Name" Society.
I have my own Hip-eponymous group on FaceBook, everyone has the same name as me. ^_^
by [NBK] ThunderDawg October 26, 2010
The Ballot Lottery, where the person you vote for only has a 50/50 odds of actually representing you, and even if they win, it doesn't matter, because the other party won't work with them anyway. So you always lose.
There really aren't any winners of the Ballottery.
by [NBK] ThunderDawg October 17, 2010

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