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21 definitions by [nbk] thunderdawg

n., the national religion formed by radical right wing Neoconservatives. It is a melding of all Christianity, even though most of its beliefs have long ago been proven to be false.
Most Christians, and especially Catholics, are supposed to believe in Evolution, so if they believe in Intelligent Design, their real religion is Republigion.
by [NBK] ThunderDawg June 24, 2011
proper noun, i.e, Zynga Bingo. The vast majority of more than 23 million Zynga Poker Players do not know how to play Texas Hold'em Poker, so they play Zyngo. They go All-In, all the time, before the Flop, without regard to their hole cards. When someone wins, they proclaim "BINGO!". On regular tables, they leave after winning a Zyngo. In tournaments, a Zyngo win on the first hand means you then have a 90% chance of winning the tournament, unless you continue to play Zyngo.
I can't play Zyngo anymore, it's sucks too hard.
by [NBK] ThunderDawg November 01, 2010
noun, Political Advertising that only infuriates its intended audience, causing them to NOT vote for the Douche or Turd who "approved this message".
Our Congressman lost the election because he tortured everyone in his district for months with Badvertising. He could have easily won if he had attacked his opponent's ideas instead of slinging mud. That stinking piece of shit blamed another stinking piece of shit for stinking.
by [NBK] ThunderDawg November 08, 2010
Defending an elected official, no matter how corrupt, scandalous, or incompetent they are, just because you belong to the same political party.
I can't believe Ne0Cons are still Sucking the Political Cock of George W. Bush. He truly was the Worst President in History.

After kissing a Politician's ass it is only proper to finish him off by Sucking the Political Cock.
by [NBK] ThunderDawg October 07, 2010
Any software programmer who works for Zynga, which produces the worst software on Earth, and also the management at Zynga, that either tolerates incompetence or requires it.
Zynga has the same promotions every week, and you would think they could copy and paste, but Nooooo, the Z-Tards always have new bugs. Any software coded by a Z-Tard has more bugs than the Brazilion rain forest.
by [NBK] ThunderDawg December 22, 2010
Scare tactics the Media use every day to scare the bejesus out of its audience, to improve ratings. They have to keep you afraid of something, so that you'll rely on them to stay one step ahead of the Boogeyman.
Q: What's the latest Boogeymania?

A: Traces of cancer-causing nicotene left on everything in a room where someone has smoked tobacco products, the so-called 3rd hand smoke.
by [NBK] ThunderDawg December 11, 2010
A person who does not believe in Mathematics, or Maths.
I can't be bothered dong my Math Homework. I'm a Matheist, I don't believe that shit.
by [NBK] ThunderDawg December 06, 2010