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Someone who is a really big fan of Bernadette Peters. What Bernadette Peters obsessed fans call themselves.
Look, that girl has the Into The Woods CD, the Gypsy Revival poster, *insert a ton of Bernadette Peters memorabilia here*. She must be a Fanadette.
by [insert name here] August 20, 2006
A word that will one day take over this world. When you say it; people think you're laugh. Or laughing inside. But what it really means is; I cant be bothered to say anything else.
Person 1: What you been up to?
Person 2: Nowt much lol

Person 1: I watched party monster today
Person 2: lol

Person 1: i'm going now bye! xx
Person 2: lol xx

Person 1: My cat just died! :'(
Person 2: lol

Person 1: I broke my leg today!
Person 2: lol
Person 1: What's so funny?
Person 2: I dunno LMAO
by [insert name here] February 05, 2006
A douchebag that wears a scarf, knit cap, sweatshirt and Converse sneakers. Can often be found at a nearby Starbucks or weed store. CAUTION: HIPSTERS ARE AN EXTREME BIOHAZARD, DUE TO THEIR INABILITY TO SHOWER AND STOP SMOKING WEED. KILL ON SIGHT.
Adam: Dude, what is that smell?!?!
Jake: Some hipster's weed stank ..let's get out of here.
by [Insert Name Here] August 11, 2014
A band who are alright. Don't get me wrong their music is great and all that. But Amy Lee really needs to get over herself. Anybody know the names of the people who play the actual music? No. I didn't think so. She should start to let the "band" get some credit for once. Amy lee this Amy Lee that. They is more than one person in the band.
Person 1: Wow Evanescence are SO good i love her!

Me: You love her? Don't you mean the band?

Person 1: You mean, they is more than one person in the band? Oh. . .
by [insert name here] February 05, 2006

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