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according to south park, if you say biggie smalls in the mirror 3 times, he shoots you in the face.
"biggie smalls, biggie smalls, biggie smalls....oh im fin.BOOM"
"Fucking nigga"
by [Cyber Pirate] February 07, 2007
1) Just your normal face =]
2) used in the form of an insult
1) Julia threw noodles at alice and one got stuck to her face
2) "I hate you"
by [Cyber Pirate] February 07, 2007
1) Used in the form of an insult
"Get a mum"
"When they have a bring your pet to school say, you can bring your mum"
"Your Mum"
by [Cyber Pirate] February 07, 2007
1. an amusing insult towards a friend or other. Meaning they smell like a turd, never eat, and walk around naked in a dusty land.

2. someone coming from ethiopia, usually having a name that comines clicking and clucking sounds from the mouth.
Person a: Omg, you stole my subway you fucking ethiopian, go get your own foor..jeez

2.Starvin marvin
by [Cyber Pirate] October 21, 2006
The movie with derek played by that guy from fight club Edward Norton^-^
Loved for the curb stomp. Its a pretty fucking ownage movie.
while playing gears of war "I just curb stomped that bitch in the face"
"Lol like the black bitch in American history x .OWNED"

"Your are a racist"
"Nah, im just copying Derek"
by [Cyber Pirate] February 07, 2007
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