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a pretty sophisticated rock band with lots of used potential and admiration. I like silverchair because they're pretty good at rocking and having a good time. I've never listened to the diorama album but I imagine it gave the lead singer some relief or happyness from all the problems he had- i often wonder what their next album will be like next since each is so different from the rest, i read something about the lead singer and how he didn't want to do another similiar album- maybe they will become a classical folk band and play banjo violen and tamborine
songs that are good off neonball room steam will rise, emotion sickness, ana song and the fast punk song that goes- no chance slipped away toddler training toys- pretty funny. freakshow is amusing to listen to.
by [10+1+5+6+7-8] /2 = 10.5 February 10, 2005

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