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1. Something that is beyond that status of "legit," very similar to the Mexican restaurant Chipotle.
2. Sleek
His sportscar is so chipotlegit. You can't get more sleek than those shiny rims and tinted windows.
by [][]V[] []D[][]V[][]D[][]\[] October 04, 2010
a phrase describing how an object is extremely attractive and desirable
Omg Jessica. That jacket is oh so secks! I really want to buy it now!
by [][]V[] []D[][]V[][]D[][]\[] March 03, 2009
1. Anytime a game or challenge is so one-sided that you feel the agony of the losing side.
2. Something more intense than Bed, Bath & Beyond.
The 2012 (1)LSU and (2)Alabama BCS National Championship game was a blood bath & beyond when LSU lost 21-0.
by [][]V[] []D[][]V[][]D[][]\[] January 14, 2012

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