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1)The fukin As$wh0!e who will brake your heart A MILLOIN FU!CKING TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2) A really cute blond whith skater hair green eyes,that gets a fuked up haircut and will now look like a rat mixture with a piccock.
3)The wierdo that texts you every day till FUKIN 4am IN the morning.

4)a perv that only wants sex.
5) another way to say chocolate:)
1)I hate micheal he did an austin to me a MILLION times :'(.
2)Omfg brian got an austin!!!!:O....that dommass.
3) austins wont let me sleep.FUKIN WIERDOS.
4)girl:hey maria i herd ur boifriend is an austin.
maria:ohhh HAIIL FUKIN NO.
girl:hmh its true.
5)I was all up last night having me some austin.
by @shanedawsonhugger;) May 01, 2011
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