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a pikey is a person who travels around living in a caravan otherwise called a gypsie. They are smelly bastards who stop on land owned by other people. They slowly rome around like a disease ruining whatever land, the dirty cretins, decide to stop on. They scrounge of the system and dont pay taxes. When living illegaly on the land they chuck rubbish around, have fires, leave shit and make it, as much as they possibly can, look like the beginnings of a land fill.

They can often be seen, with their imbred family, having a carvery or a chinese buffet but only at the cheapest places if you feel like going on a pikey hunt. You can pick them out by the loud grunts and the half english half irish twang they have going on that is pretty hard to understand. They are usually the ones who are also decerating the floor with their food, my only guess is that, because they can be dirty animals when they are at 'home' they dont feel that when they are in civilized company they have to change. If you see some chinese people on there knees scooping up piles of food, you know the area has just been visited by a pikey.

To sum up a pikey is an unpleasant creature, which have no morals or self respect.
pikey 'wanna buy some pegs?'

yes this pikey has stole someones clothe line pegs and is trying to sell them to passes by.
by @('.')@ April 06, 2010
is used to describe a pound sterling but can be used to describe any tender no matter where its from.
friend 1 'oi mate wanna go out tonight and pull some clunge'

friend 2 'nah mate iv only got 10 bomb in the bank'

friend 1 'you bloody pikey'
by @('.')@ April 06, 2010
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