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Fragment consider revising:
The most useless grammatical error in Microsoft word.
No one can quite work out why it appears, or how to correct the sentence. Some have had success in removing the green line the accompanies the "fragment consider revising" grammatical error, by simply adding comma's (,) and full stops (.) in the area underlined by the grammar check.
Rumour has it, the one who can remove the error from a sentence will be the legendary soul who will lead Microsoft to defeat, and the uprising of Linux will begin. (Mac’s don’t have a part in this because the lack of evolution has meant their mouse only has one button)
User writes the following in Microsoft word 2003: "Classification definitions, the definitions for people who are employed, and for those who are not employed may not be suitable."
Microsoft grammar check: fragment consider revising
User has no indication of how to correct the error.

Even the sentence "The most useless grammar error in Microsoft word" is considered a fragment and revision should be considered, according to microsoft word.
by >:( matt June 13, 2006

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