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The best type of bella you will ever meet. Many people think that if your name is bella then you must have brown eyes and ugly ass brown hair like that bitch from twilight. This is total bullshit. As it turns out, the most common type of bella is a blonde one. She is a smart beautiful girl who instead of partying and getting hammered, stays at home and reads books. She is extremely sexy, and way smarter than everyone around her. She enjoys gardening, books, bike rides, and origami. She won't settle for a guy thats less than a ten.
Random Dude: Oh hey why wernt u at that party last night?
Totally Hot dude: Oh i got this new girlfriend shes a blonde bella if you know what i mean
Random Dude: awe shitman im jealous thats awesome
by <3smakeup268 December 11, 2011

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