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A guy with a sexy accent, an awesome personality and good looks. He is always smiling and is always happy. He will always make your day, and his hugs are always the best. He is a great kisser, and will leave you with goose bumps and feeling out of this world. Generally amazing at sand castle making. He knows how to make a girl feel special, and happy. He is a really great hugger, and you could literally just fall asleep in his arms and hope that he will never let you go. He doesnt seem to know much about yellow snow... and he is definitly straight. He is extremely caring and protective and would make an excellent father one day. Even if the world ended, you would happy to know that you got the chance to meet him, spend time with him and have him care about you.
Girl One: Who's that???
Girl Two: Nardus
Girls One: hes mine
by <(") <3 (^^^) October 02, 2012

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