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1) a demure modesty of an appealing nature; a compelling, esoteric air with hints of said quality
2) an individual exhibiting this trait
Unsubstantial, gaberdine sheets canvassing loosely her frame flowed in sinuous sweeps with every meticulously wrought word exuding from her quivering self. She spoke with a silence belying this prominent physical evidence of her ilka breath-hinged phrase. As if working in concert, the humility of her parlance and the effort evinced by a figure whose turbid ardor demonstrated an assiduity in communication set alongside an obvious dictional care of august heed presented its audience--me--with an archetype of mihel far more evident than ever had I before witnessed.
by ;^) July 05, 2004
A loud, boisterous mother of a female love-interest from the perspective of her companion.
While being in the presence of your rilla, I always attempt to treat her differently than I would typically with other such boorish individuals.
by ;^) June 04, 2004

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