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(1)A person who allows, or convinces, a man/woman to cheat on their significant other with them them, being the "homewrecker".
(2)A person who sleeps with/has a relationship with a married man/woman, even tho they know that person is married.
(3)A person who does one/both of the above, and feels no guilt or remorse whatsoever for their actions.
I let a guy with a girlfriend hook up with me, and we had a great time; I felt no guilt or remorse, and I enjoyed it - therefore, I am a homewrecker. :]

by ;] 29th June 18, 2007
(1)A confident, attractive woman that doesn't take anyone's shit.
(2)Someone who refuses to fight, or is scared to fight.
(3)Someone who is scared of something, often something stupid and rediculous, and minor.
(4)A man who is completely whipped by a woman.
(5)A man who doesn't argue.
(6)A woman with a bad attitude and or bad temper.
(7)A woman who tells everything straight up and bluntly.
(8)A non-spayed female dog; or, a female dog used for breeding. Bitch is a term officially recognized by the UKC and AKC.
Woman: "Go get me a drink, go throw this away, and oh, don't go to the game this weekend and mow the lawn".
Man: "okay".


Man: "Hey baby, why don't you come back to my place tonight?"
Woman: "Sorry, I don't sleep with trailor trash."


Woman: "Get out of my chair, asshole".
Man: "You're such a bitch."

by ;] 29th June 18, 2007
When very angry at a person, althogether becomes 'alfuckingtogether'.

adding 'fucking' to 'altogether' adds an emphasis to the word displaying anger.
" I'd really fucking appreciate it if you fucking didnt ask my best fucking friend for her fucking number, if you didnt add her onto your fucking myspace and if you stopped fucking talking to her alfuckingtogether, kfuckingthx. :] "

by ;] 29th June 28, 2007
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