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cheerleading is a sport. i am not going to brag or rant, but cheerleaders have to throw people into the air, and catch them while smiling. do not tell me cheerleading is not a sport until you have done it please. just because we arnt scoring with a ball dosnt mean its not a sport. Not all cheerleaders are blonde dumb bitchy white girls. We are diverse, friendly, smart (as anyone else) we look out for each other when now one else will. We dont lose our virginity to jocks! none of the cheerleaders at my school are dating a football player! it is all just a stereotype. We are people who have feelings and when you make fun of cheerleading and such it hurts us :'( we are just people trying to enjoy our favorite sport like everybody else, but for some reason, everyone hates cheerleaders. We have to live on different standards than everyone else. Please understand us. Thank you <3
I love being a cheerleader, you get to meet some really great people.
by :) LT and SS (: July 23, 2010

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