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Usually a caring, considerate, joyful person who will always stick up for you and make you laugh when you feel like down. Caleigh's are almost always beautiful but will never admit it, and will fight this fact to the grave.

While she(usually a female) is strong willed and can always hold her own, if you get to know her, she will open up to you and you will see that she has a very vulnerable heart protected by many walls.

If you go head to head with a Caleigh, they will usually try n resolve the issue as quickly, and as peacefully as possible, often putting the biggest burden on their own shoulders.

Their main goal in an argument is to not hurt the other person. Winning takes a back seat.

If you ever have the privilege to cross a Caleigh's path, make sure you do not let them go.
Person A: Hey man, you heard of this new chick?
Person B: Yea, i met her, she seems like a cool girl.
Person A: Duh dude, her name is Caleigh.
Person B: Go figure...
by /Sparrow\ March 30, 2011
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