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A move so smooth with regards to initiating sexual or pseudo-sexual congress with someone that it could only otherwise have happened in a heavily scripted porn film.
Person A: So I lean over to try and get her number and BAM, next thing I know we're doing it in the back of my van. It was such a porn moment.

PersonB: Uhh, thanks dad
by />/_//\/<^/\/ June 14, 2010
When a woman is sexually attracted to men significantly shorter than her. Based on the well known fairy story where although the princess ends up marrying the normal sized Prince, she does spend an awfully long time with those dwarves.
Man 1: "Crikey, never thought Barry had it in him to get a bird like that. She's stunning, and almost 2 feet taller than him?!"

Man 2: "She must have a Snow White complex, its the only way Barry could pull that one off."

Man 1: "I hear dat."
by />/_//\/<^/\/ January 11, 2011

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