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The medical inability to allow a music playlist to run it's course without skipping many tracks every few songs. Widely acknowledged by doctors to be a natural signal that you need to invest in new music/lay off the juice.
One man to another:

Man#1 "Woah man, your msn keeps changing what song you're on every 3 seconds. My eyes are beginning to hurt."''

Man#2 "I'm sorry . I just can't seem to settle on any one song anymore, I think I'm developing skipzophrenia."

Man#3 "Dude, you need to get some new music. Want the latest prodigy album?"
by />/ //\/<^/\/ May 14, 2009
The result of a man's Post-Masturbatory Reflection Period being cut brutally short (by the arrival of other people to the scene). Usually a parent returning home from work. With an extremely limited timeframe the male often has to forsake the ritual wipe up and throw his clothes back on, regardless of the huge blob of semen on his midsection - leaving a great big emergency stain on his clothes.

Probably occurs in females too, I'd feel to weird to ask them.
Guy ~ "Woah, mum's home. Sorry pants, but this calls for an emergency stain"

Mum ~ "Why is there a naked lady on the computer?"


Me ~ "I genuinely assume this happens to everybody"
by />/ //\/<^/\/ July 17, 2009

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