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An event in which to genius boys who had the knowledge to to change the world were driven to shoot up an entire school. No one would just shut the fuck up with there close minded boundries of "normal" and "decent". Columbine was a scary and i will admit, horifyling event. But i still think that the ones who say "i just dont know why they did this" are the ones who caused it. The only way that you can help to prevent this from happening again is if you "liberate your mind."-Disturbed
Think of it this way. Who were the ones who were made fun of in our parents time? The Nerds or Geeks or what ever. Now look at em! look at fuckin google!! The Nerds are now ruling the fucking world!!! why cant society see that were the new nerds! we may be getting kicked out of school but we are geniuses and Clumbine should has proved that!!! I say "we" because i understand the two kids!! I feel for them and i hope that one day you will all wish you had listend to them !!!!!!!!!
Columbine is the prof that America will always be a lie...

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