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The infamous Get Well Soon Crew. A trolling collective of the scum of the internet, bringing you pain and misery in the lulziest of ways.
Charlie-"Not on the white mans internet!"

Derrick-"Hopefully the offender or offenders will be apprehended or have a weapon or weapons discharged at him in a timely manner or manners"

Lucy-"If someone like Alexander was trying to rape my kids, I'd hope a wall fell on them too"

Portez-"Q-What doesn't fit? A- A dead epileptic"

Charlotte-"Are you people walled off from your emotions? I am crushed by this news personally.

Althought not as crushed as Alex and Bridget."

GWSC ....You're welcome.
by $p21 April 08, 2013
Trolling abbreviation for Get well Soon
"R.I.P David Plonker"

Charlie: Get well soon champ


Charlie: Poor guy. I hope he gets well soon

Marcus: HE'S DEAD!

GWS Marcus.
by $p21 February 02, 2012
Lucy Black is an amazing example of Internet fuck puppetry. She is the epitome of style, class and sex on legs. She carries herself with grace and poise, while tearing the heart from men in a single dox. To cross Lucy Black is to sign your own rage certificate.
"Guys, Lucy Black is on this RIP page, stay out of her Medusa stare!"

by $p21 April 20, 2013
AKA Charlie from the GWSC Get Well Soon Crew

This ridiculous fucking muppet is infamous for his work on the

"Get Well Soon Bryson Anderson"
"Are Abos Scum"
"Adam Lanza Is A Hero"
"Jackson Doolan: Train Wrestler Extraordinaire"

"In Memory Of Swanston St Wall" facebook pages.
"Not on the white mans internet"-Yellowfag
by $p21 April 20, 2013
A complete piece of interwebz an hero who slays, maims and will milk ALL OF THE RAGES from your dull existence. He's a noodle slurping boss with the quickest wit on the nets. GWS anyone who falls in to his death grip.

Runs with the BWC, but we don't hold that against him. A true lulz marksman.
Derrick Smith -"All of the potato shops or shop of a potato nature"
by $p21 April 20, 2013
Bec Cares: Someone online that doesn't care. To Bec care is to not give any fucks. Ever.

Bec Cares is an online goddess of epic proportions.

Fierce, smoking hot and a brain that will make you fall in to her magnetar pit trap.

An amazing woman.
Lizzie "We had sex!"

Everyone else "Oh wow Bec Cares"
by $p21 November 07, 2011
A person who is borderline retarded, painful or flat out fucking stipid.
Becka- "Seriously, what's with all these drip feds today?

$p- "Drip fed central dude"
by $p21 January 20, 2011

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