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Angelora is a fun girl who understatedly loves reading. She's very popular among all sorts of people, and is a person you'd want to hang out with because of her sarcasm and sense of humor. If she is your friend she really cares and you don't have to worry about getting into serious arguments: she's the kind of person you can have the most senseless arguments with that both of you will forget the next day. She's tall, pretty, and wonderful.
"Hey Angelora, we are bffs."
"No, we're more than bbfs."
"Fine, we're bffls."
"No, we're more than bffls."
"Fine, then we're bbflfa."

"No, we're more than bbflfa."
"Then what are we?!"

"I haven't come up with it yet. Oooh, hey my brother just called me."
"On your phone?"
"No, on my potato."
by $p@rk :) October 07, 2012

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