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When you've been sitting for a long period of time (usually in a car) and you start to experience a slight burning sensation in your ass.
Person1: Can we take a pit stop?
Person2: Passenger's Ass?
#ass #pain #car #ouch #pit stop
by $e9a October 19, 2009
When a person is looking to get into a relationship, and thinks that everyone with an interest in them could be their prince/princess charming. Someone with a Cinderella complex is said to have terrible luck with relationships (which are usually ended by the complexed person). In search of the perfect fairy tale ending, anyone with signs of interest becomes a potential suitor. The use of the brain is severly diminished.
person 1: why'd they break up?
person 2: well, she realized nick wasnt right for her. she dove into it too soon.
person 1: well, i couldve told you that BEFORE they started.
person 2: well, how about YOU try stomping on a girl's potential fairy tale. try it. i dare you.
person 1: damn that cinderella complex!!
#girls #boys #relationships #dumb #friends
by $e9a August 19, 2009
A person with abnormally long toes.
Person1: Dude...your toes are longer than my fingers.
Person2: They are not
Person1: Dude...you have piano toes
#toes #long #feet #piano #lol
by $e9a March 01, 2010

When a guy sits on his balls by accident, to relieve the discomfort he raises himself off the chair (or what have you) slightly and preforms a pelvic thrust moving them to the front in a more comfortable position.
Person1: Here have a seat
Person2: <sits, winces, raises slightly, ajusts, sits back down>
Person1: Everything ok?
Person2: Yea just had to sit and flick
#balls #scrotom #discomfort #discrete #ow
by $e9a May 10, 2010
When an editor is in a bad mood (or just feels like being a D-bag) they repeatedly deny definitions they are confronted with.
Person1: Deny, deny, deny....hahaaha
Person2: why the denial spam?
#deny #don't publish #editor #urban dictionary #rawr #tags
by $e9a December 04, 2009
Screwed beyond fixing. A word that describes how screwed a person is.
Wow...fuck your life. You're so joshed <shakes head in disapproval>
#fubar #fyl #happy #joshd #unhappy
by $e9a April 07, 2009
when someone raises their index finger (meaning: wait a moment please)
Person1: (talking to Person2) ya i dont like that bob kid
Person2: really? i dont think he's that ba-
Person3: HI EVERYBODY! hey Person1, cna you help me?
Person1:(gives the finger)
#swear #jokes #cuss #lol #bob
by $e9a May 27, 2009
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